A non-surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure to improve the appearance of the nose in order to improve the height of the nasal bridge, correction of any humps and to improve the symmetry.

It is a very technique sensitive procedure which involves the use of Dermal fillers to inject into the nose giving an instant and immediate improvement in the appearance.

if you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose and do not want to have a surgical option then please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Price List

Hand Rejuvenation

Treatment Prices
From £450

Luscious Lips
Treatment Prices

From £300

Excessive underarm Sweating
Treatment Prices (Both Underarms)

From £450

Derma Roller
Treatment Prices

From £100

Chemical Peels
Treatment prices

Superficial Peels – £100

Medium Depth Peels £150

Square Jaw Treatment
Treatment Price

1 side of Jaw £150

2 sides of Jaw £199

Nose Reshaping

- Improve nasal bridge contour
- Remove humps along the bridge of nose
- Improve symmetry
- Raise tip of nose

Treatment Price

None Surgical Nose Job

FROM £300

Prescription Wrinkle Reducing Injections
Treatment price

Botulinum Toxin(Botox)

1 Area £150
2 Areas £199
3 Areas £250
Bunny Lines £30
Upper Lip £30
Nefertiti Neck Lift £300
Armpit Sweating £450

Dermal Fillers

Wrinkles Around Mouth & Nose FROM £250
Lip Augmentation FROM £349
Cheek & Chin Augmentation FROM £400
Non-Surgical Nose Job FROM £349
Smokers Lines £250
Tear Troughs £300
Jaw Line Contouring £350
Hand Rejuvenation £499

Six Month Smiles
Treatment Price

From £2500

Treatment Prices

From £2800

Dental Implants
Treatment Prices

From £1000

Bring A Friend Offer
If you book with a friend who is a new face to Beauty Aesthetics then we can offer both of you 10% discount.
Anti-Wrinkle Combination Offer
If you have two different categories of treatment then we can offer you £50 off the total of your
treatments (both treatments must be booked and performed within two weeks of each other).